Better for you.

USDA certified organic foods are free of potentially harmful substances including artificial ingredients, synthetic pesticides, preservatives and GMO ingredients.

Imagine® Organic Soups, Broths, Cooking Stocks, Culinary Simmer Sauces and Gravies are processed according to the strictest standards and certified by Quality Assurance International, a highly regarded independent certifying agency.


Better for the environment.

Naturally Sustainable:  The top priority of organic agriculture is to protect the land, the farmer, and the public from potentially harmful chemicals. To this end, organic farming employs natural methods, including cover crops, compost, and biologically based soil amendments to nourish and replenish the earth and deliver the highest quality crops.

Chemical-Free:  To be certified organic, farmers must follow a strict set of practices for three years to ensure that the soil is free of fertilizers, potentially harmful pesticides and any other chemicals.