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  • Who is Imagine®?

    Imagine® brand makes some of the best-selling organic and natural* soups, broths, cooking stocks and gravy. We are part of The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. — the country’s largest and most respected natural and organic foods company—and we’re proud to keep our legacy alive while growing to meet your needs.

Our Packaging

  • How does our new One-Step Easy-To-Open Cap work?

    With the new one-step opening, there is no longer a tab under the cap. Simply unscrew and pour! When you begin twisting the cap, you’ll hear a click as the tamper evidence ring breaks away from the cap. As the lid turns, cutting teeth, located inside the neck of the closure, spiral downwards breaking the inner foil seal. Instead of removing the cap and then removing a seal, those two steps are now combined into one easy twist of the cap!

  • How do I know if my product has been tampered with if there is no pull tab?

    You’ll notice a tamper evidence ring attached to the cap before opening. On first time opening, the seals between the lid and the tamper evidence ring are broken open when the cap is twisted. You’ll hear a clicking sound as the ring separates and drops from the cap.

  • Why don’t I see a foil seal or plastic pull tab when I open the cap?

    There is a foil seal beneath the new easy-open cap, but it is cut as you twist the cap one full turn. The inner seal isn’t visible but it remains attached just beneath the opening and doesn’t fall into the product.

  • Why did you change the cap?

    The new one-step cap is more convenient and easier to use. Instead of removing the cap and then removing a foil seal or pull tab, you simply unscrew, pour and enjoy! You’ll also notice a smooth and steady pour and how easy it is to hygienically reseal. 

    On top of being easier to use, the new one-step cap also results in less waste and uses fewer materials to produce, making it a better choice for the environment. And, as always, our cartons are fully recyclable and made mostly from renewable sources.

  • Are your aseptic packages recyclable?

    Yes. Nearly 44% of U.S. households now recycle aseptic cartons at curbside. To find out more, contact your local recycling center or the Aseptic Packaging Council at www.recyclecartons.com.

  • Are your aseptic packages lined with aluminum?

    Aseptic cartons are made of 70% paper, 23% polyethylene and 7% aluminum. The aluminum is completely covered by two layers of FDA approved, food-grade polyethylene, so the food and the aluminum never come in contact.

  • Do your aseptically packaged products require refrigeration?

    No, they are shelf stable. Once open, you can refrigerate the unused portion and use it for up to 7 days.

  • Are the Imagine® soup and broth containers microwavable?

    No, please pour into a microwavable-safe bowl before heating in the microwave.

Our Products

Allergens & Special Dietary Needs

In addition to the frequently asked questions below, we invite you to review our individual product pages for more details on nutritional information, ingredients, allergens and certifications.

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