Our Packaging & The Environment

Benefits to You

  • Protects Food Quality:

    Our innovative aseptic carton package preserves the freshness and homemade taste, locking in the nutrients and flavor by sealing out light and air. Plus, the flash heating and cooling process effectively retains our soup’s color and texture.
  • Superior Flavor:

    Our delicate cooking process through aseptic and retort technologies allow us to capture and preserve the real, garden-fresh taste you love.
  • Preservative-Free:

    There are absolutely no artificial preservatives in any of our products. You can count on that.
  • Convenient:

    Our carton’s brick shape is shelf-stable and space-efficient, plus our packages are re-closeable and do not require a can opener.

Benefits to our Environment

  • Minimal Packaging:

    Our aseptic carton is environmentally friendly from the start, using less material than conventional packaging — generally 96% product to 4% packaging, by weight.
  • Energy-Efficient:

    Our aseptic package requires less energy than comparable packages to manufacture, fill, ship and store.
  • Recyclable:

    44% of households in the United States can recycle cartons. To find out more, visit
* Our products do not contain potentially harmful pesticides, preservatives or GMO ingredients.
“Ever wonder why our delicious, organic and natural* soups, broths and cooking stocks come in a box? The answer is all about you and our environment.”
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